The Weaving One

A Short Bio

Full name is Patricia Miller – I have gone by a number of variations, but usually it is either Patricia or Trish. I'm the sixth of ten kids and by the time I came along the parents were stumped for middle names so I don’t have one. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I am cis, but realizing that happiness is too rare a commodity, I actively support the LGBTQIA+ community.


I am a veteran of the US Navy and am a mostly retired IT Type with a Master’s in Library and Information Science. 


I started reading at 3 1/2 after becoming obsessed with Batman comics. I didn't go the regular route of children's books. My father and I were particularly close so I followed his preferences, which explains why I was reading Asimov instead of Alcott in grade school – the nuns were NOT amused. Star Trek premiered on my tenth birthday and my father, much to the dismay of my mother, gave me permission to stay up and watch it every week. It was the best birthday present I ever received and I've been enthralled with Captain Kirk ever since.


I read anything –Star Trek, Laurie King, Robin McKinley, Georgette Heyer, Elizabeth George, James Alan Gardner and, still, Batman. I have about 3000 books and another 2000 comics in my study. The music collection ranges from Beethoven to Neil Young and leans in almost every direction. I put together playlists depending on my mood, and am probably the only person who finds anything similar in Johnny Mathis, the Moody Blues, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Vogues, REM, and Broadway cast recordings. I am also hooked on Brit Box and Acorn TV, particularly QI, mysteries, and gardening shows. 


I was once an obsessed sports fan, particularly baseball and football, but I’ve given all of them up but professional cycling. 


I've been married and divorced, I've helped build an aircraft carrier and a national memorial, I've met numerous Presidents and been on Oprah. I am the world’s pickiest eater. I am a savant with ready-to-assemble furniture. 


Life is odd…